Two pairs of white socks, two pairs of black socks, a few pairs of jeans and a red T-shirt ... the list of clothing in a single person’s laundry basket is always varied. Accumulating small amounts of laundry is certainly an advantage of living on your own, however, finding yourself with different items of dirty clothing, each requiring a different type of wash, can cause some consternation. Waiting to reach a "critical mass" of each type of garment, as you would in any family, it is not an ideal solution, unless you want to wait a whole month before wearing your favourite t-shirt again. The best solution involves a little proactive planning, organising all-in-one washes and selecting the right products to store in a small space. Here’s how. The first rule is to simplify, without compromising on the result: in fact, most of our laundry – with the exception of wool and delicates – can be divided into two main wash categories: with and without softener. Together, these two types of washes can form the weekly wash routine of people who live on their own.

Cotton household linen, such as bed sheets, shirts and table cloths are not suitable for washing with fabric softener, so they can conveniently all be washed together, as long as they have neutral colours.

Select the “cotton 40°C” programme on your washing machine and choose a natural hypoallergenic detergent that is perfect for all items of clothing that come into direct contact with the skin. Nuncas’ Natural Laundry Detergent is 100% natural and dermatologically tested (based on saponaria officinalis, an ancient remedy) and is able to wash laundry deep down, hydrating the fibres of the fabric. You can pre-treat more stubborn stains by applying a little pure product directly to the area in question just before washing and, once the cycle is over, hang the clothes out immediately, ensuring that they do not touch one another while they are wet as the colours may run.

For items such as jeans, shirts, t-shirts, towels and any white or coloured garments, in cotton or synthetic fabrics, you can put them all in the same wash. Choose a detergent with an exclusive anti-transfer formula and make your clothes soft and fragrant with a little fabric softener – all the garments listed above require some softener to ensure a better fit and increased softness and durability. Nuncas Lindo is a detergent which, thanks to its special active ingredient, slows down the release of colour and prevents it from being redeposited on lighter-coloured garments. It does not contain optical brighteners so won’t stain or leave pale-coloured residue on darker fabrics. It works even at 30°C, therefore it is suitable for a wide range of fabrics and, thanks to its enzyme-based formula, it acts effectively on dirt and stains, even at low temperatures. Finally, add a dose of Morbivel fabric softener to the wash, delicately scented with vanilla.

If, however, you need to choose a new washing machine, buy one with a “half load” setting in order to be able to wash your clothes more frequently without damaging the environment. This is definitely a better option than buying a “single person’s” washing machine with a mini drum that holds only 3 kg of laundry ... a good appliance can last 10 years, and you never know what might happen in that time!