You should choose a detergent for your clothes with the very same care and attention with which you choose a cleanser for your face, especially if you have sensitive skin that is prone to reddening. Had you ever thought about that? When you wash a t-shirt that will come into contact with your skin (or that of your child), a small amount of detergent and fabric softener remains between the fibres. The result? Redness, burning and itching. It's known as “contact dermatitis” and may be allergic or irritant, in any case it’s not serious, but you should avoid chemicals touching suffering skin as much as possible.

The first rule for a perfect wash when you have sensitive skin it is to pay attention to rinsing. When you wash by hand, the foam residues are more “visible” so you just need to continue rinsing until they have all been eliminated.

If you use a washing machine, never load the drum more than half full (too many clothes make it difficult to perform a deep rinse) and don’t use too much detergent (the doses indicated on the label must be respected as they have been calibrated by experts). You can also select the “extra rinse” setting if your washing machine has one.

For all those who want to protect their skin completely from contact with chemicals, Nuncas has created a line of completely natural, plant-based detergents that are 100% hypoallergenic. It’s called “Natural,” a product line that includes two detergents (for hand and machine washing) and a specific fabric softener. Soft on the skin, including for newborns, the products are tough on dirt and stains because they are derived from extracts of Saponaria officinalis, a plant known for its detersive properties since ancient times. Dermatologically tested, detergents like those included in the Natural Product Line guarantee the utmost respect for all types of sensitive skin. To match your special detergent, it is essential to use a non-allergenic fabric softener, precisely because softeners penetrate the fibres of fabrics, so low concentrations always remain in the clothes we wear to give them softness and elasticity. 100% Natural Fabric Softener contains rice starch, a natural protein which, in addition to protecting your garments, also has a soothing effect on the skin. It is guaranteed to have a very low content of nickel (to which almost 70% of women today have developed hypersensitivity) and has no added preservatives, dyes or perfumes that contain allergens.