First they come into close contact with sweaty skin, then they are stuffed into a gym bag: technical garments have a hard life, however they can find relief with a quick, regenerating wash. Suitable for hand or machine washing.

In recent years, modern technology has made it possible to create wonderful, totally innovative fabrics and yarns that are perfect for making comfortable and beautiful sportswear. Padded or super lightweight, waterproof or breathable, waxed, elasticated, shiny or matte, metallic and totally stretch: we are far removed from the days of the first coloured fleeces produced by the legendary Best Company, and especially from the days when tracksuits came only in blue, red or grey – nowadays shops specialising in technical sportswear offer leisurewear that is every bit as good as casual.

When it comes to washing, however, we may be concerned when we realise that we don’t have much information on how to care for these garments, because the fabrics are very new and the labels, which should be understandable by everyone, are often not be clear for non-experts. But don’t worry –¬ practically any sports garment can be washed in water, either by hand or in the washing machine. It would not be very hygienic if it were otherwise, because dry cleaning does not “clean” deep down the same way that running water does, and above all it doesn’t leave clothes fresh and fragrant – as should always be the case for garments we put next to our skin. For good results with minimal effort, all you need is the right detergent and the proper method. These modern fibres are often synthetically derived and are therefore completely different from traditional fibres. To clean these types of clothes, you need a detergent that is able to thoroughly clean them, removing any specific stains like grass and mud, and acting gently on the treatments with which these fabrics are coated: waterproofing, wax coatings, insulation, protection from wind and UV rays, etc. To wash these garments, Nuncas has created Sportswear, a liquid detergent that you can safely use for hand or machine washing. Place your delicate garments in a mesh laundry bag and wash in a cold cycle (30°C is usually the recommended temperature on the labels of these garments). Sportswear removes all dirt in cold temperatures, respecting the treatments and special finishes of these technical garments. Eliminates bacteria and sanitises fabrics, preventing the formation of bad odours that are caused by bacterial growth. This product is not a disinfectant, however it contains an active sanitizer and an anti-odour molecule that leaves your garments clean and deodorised.

Wash after wash, Sportswear will help you keep your garments supple and protected, respecting their special properties – even the delicate protection from UV rays. You can safely use this detergent to wash everything – even runners, school rucksacks, ski suits, quilted jackets and raincoats.
For persistent odours, such as the underarm area, before washing with Sportswear, spray Sportswear Odour Sanitizer on the garment – a unique product that not only cleans and sanitises deep down, but also works to prevent the formation of odours. The ideal solution for all sports enthusiasts!

A special note on your washing technique: use the correct amount of detergent and select the appropriate wash programme on your washing machine. Do not exceed the dose – always follow the instructions on the packaging, otherwise the garments will be difficult to rinse. If you wash by hand, allow your garments to soak in cold water (but not for too long), moving them gently, then rub them carefully and rinse thoroughly, avoiding squeezing too hard. For machine washing, select a suitable programme for technical garments and synthetics. All washing machines should have one, however if yours doesn’t, select a short wash – about 30 minutes – at 30°C and a spin speed of 700 rpm.