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Nuova di nuovo


“We have not inherited the earth from our parents, we have borrowed it from our children" (P. Neruda)
The awareness achieved by Nuncas has helped the company to clearly understand that we do not live in glass houses, but in an environment where we can have a positive or negative impact, depending on the choices we make. In turn, everything that surrounds us affects our health and wellbeing. For this reason, at Nuncas we recognize the importance of eco-sustainable development, that strikes a balance, on the one hand, between human activity and technological progress, and on the other, between resources and the regenerative capacity of nature. On this basis, we have created the Natural Product Line, a range of products with 100% active ingredients of plant origin, which are completely and quickly biodegradable and free of any ingredients that are harmful to aquatic organismsBesides the product, even thepackaging has been modified, with the use of completely recycled plastic polyethylene materials (MaterBi, for example), which are usually difficult to use to manufacture plastic bottles. When you design something and you know that it will sooner or later become a waste product, it is necessary to apply the WASTE HIERARCHY. This philosophy adopted by Nuncas is based on the model of the 3 Rs:

Reduce: se more concentrated products in order to use less plastic for the same number of washes;
Reuse: use containers that can be reused for other purposes, or bottles that can be refilled;
Recycle: Use recycled and recyclable products. The bottles used in Nuncas' Natural Product Line are made through a virtuous and innovative process of recovery and regeneration of plastic material previously collected in special recycling bins.

Le fasi del riciclo


Disposal of plastic items for recycling in the appropriate bins
Removal, sending the product to the recycling centre on pallets
Separation by material type and sanitation
Reduction of the plastic into granules
Separation of the main colours
Transformation of the recycled plastic into new bottles that can be recycled and reused several times

Thanks to this innovative process, plastic can be recycled indefinitely!

This is the concept of NUOVA DI NUOVO [NEW AGAIN], a Nuncas registered trademark and winner of the PACKOLOGY AWARD 2013.